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Why Choose Memphis Tenant Placement

Memphis Tenant Placement is the premiere local provider of quality housing for tenants of all economic levels in the Memphis metro area. We are NOT a property management company, which tries to foist it’s inventory on you and makes moving in subject to a variety of contingencies. We work with a very specific group or landlords who have to meet our standards for quality of housing, location, and price points within the Memphis marketplace. We are an equal opportunity housing provider and do not discriminate against any tenant applicants regardless of ethnic background, socioeconomic status, or religious background.

You can work with us in a variety of ways. You can look at our available inventory, located throughout the Memphis marketplace, and see if any of our available housing fits your criteria. If you find something you are interested in, you can apply online here. We will work with you to arrange a showing and get you into the home of your choice as quickly as possible, assuming you meet our standards for good rental history.

Another way you can work with us is because we act as an on - demand property location service for tenant prospects and tenant buyers. Tell us what you are looking for, in what area and price range, and we will find the property of your dreams for you.

We offer location and acquisition services for renters, tenant buyers(people who want to rent to own/lease purchase), retail buyers looking for a home, and also for investors looking to capitalize on today’s discounted Memphis marketplace. Whatever your needs are, Memphis Tenant Placement can architect a solution for you!

Please note that we have very specific criteria for tenant applicants, and perform a full credit and background check prior to leasing a home to any applicant. While certain blemishes on credit are acceptable, we look for good rental history, and always seek out your past two landlord references. If you have a history of non payment of bills including rent, mortgage payments, and utility bills, it will be extremely difficult for us to rent to you.